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Fun with added knowledge

Tailor-made applications for children

We design applications for smartphones and tablets which help develop the skills of children. Through an interactive game, we help children explore the world around them and to improve. We try to build our applications not simply as passive gaming but we want them to also stimulate children’s creativity and thinking capacity.

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Helps train vision and fine motor skills

The application offers such possibilities of visual settings and difficulty levels that the application could easily be used by children with special needs.

The profits from the sale of this application go to the operations of the public-benefit corporation EDA Raná péče (EDA Centre of Early Intervention Prague).

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  • Funny Road Trip

Funny Road Trip

Smart fun on board

Do your children find travelling by car never-ending? Get some fun fellow-passengers on board. You will have no time to get bored with the tasks they give you.

You will be in your destination before you know it!

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  • “Kašpárek” is Coming!

Ready or Not “Kašpárek” is Coming!

Playing Hide-and-seek

Your child wants to play and misses a fellow – and you are too busy. Or, conversely, you have a whole bunch of kids at home and you need to entertain them in a smart way. Get them the “Kašpárek” to play Hide-and-seek with them. The application is only available in Czech.

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We are entering the children’s world responsibly

We were trying to understand the children’s world when we first started to develop our first application. We have children of our own who have given us a lot of hints – but every child is a master copy! J Along with the experts in understanding the children’s world, we developed KIDMAP® – a map which depicts the children’s world up to the 12 years of age.

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  • Ball Guard

Ball Guard

Do you have balls? So guard them!

If you download the Guard, he will regularly remind you to check your testicles. Through a self-exam, you will be able to detect a possible tumour in time, thus preventing the development of a malign disease. The application is only available in Czech.

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  • Ideabaker


Research tool in your pocket

Ideabaker is a simple tool for the collection and sharing of ideas through photography, text and audio recording. The application is only available in Czech.

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